what is a groundworks package?

What is a groundworks package? September 7th 2018, by Ian Lishman

The term ‘groundworks’ covers a whole suite of operations. Some are common to all construction projects, while others feature on only a minority of sites. Developers can engage different contractors to carry out separate aspects of the groundworks, but it’s increasingly the case to agree a complete groundworks package with a single contractor.

Groundworks essentially involves preparing the ground, constructing sub-structure elements and floor slabs, and generally readying the site for above-ground construction to commence. Specific aspects of groundworks might be:

● Excavation
● Remediation and underpinning
Drainage and sewer connections
● Service ducts for gas, electricity, phone and cable
● Concrete substructure and basements
Foundations and floor slabs
Roads and driveways
● External works

Although a lot of groundworks relate to the early stages of projects, they can extend to the end of a project with the addition of topsoil to gardens when the site is nearing completion.

Selecting a single contractor for a complete groundworks package allows for better coordination of the works, improved communication, greater accountability and makes for more predictable costs.

About FACE

For nearly two decades, FACE have delivered high quality civil engineering works on projects of all sizes. Our new turnkey service allows housing developers, whether small or large, to work with us and build a project-specific package of services that FACE then delivers.

The package can include highway works carried out under a section 278 agreement, drainage construction and groundworks. Acting as a single point of contact for multiple aspects of the infrastructure means we can offer improved coordination of works and minimise potential delays.

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