Civil engineering contractors for the education sector


Field and Civil Engineering have completed many projects for schools over the years, from a few hundred pounds to schemes costing tens of thousands of pounds.

The majority of the schemes we are asked to do are to improve their car park facilities, upgrading or constructing new playgrounds and footpaths, security fencing and repairing or replacing damaged drains.

What has often happened is that we successfully complete a project for a school and they are very impressed by our professionalism, our standard of works and that we know working in a school environment is very different to a normal construction site and they then ask us to do other works for them also.

This often entails building projects that we would not normally do, so we engage and manage teams of sub-contractors who we are confident will meet our high standards. This has lead us to replacing a schools existing draughty windows, installing new toilet facilities, constructing a new entrance porch, erecting a nursery playground canopy and many other building projects.

What our clients say