Section 278 highway construction services

Section 278 Highway

Section 278 works are one of the core services that Field And Civil Engineering Limited provide to its wide-ranging customers, who vary from a small developer who might require new access to a small plot of land, right up to multi-million pound schemes to install a new roundabout or traffic signal junction for a large national developer, supermarket chain or Local Authority.

We have completed many schemes over a wide geographic area, usually as the Principle Contractor, and our experience and expertise is vast. Because of this we have developed a reputation with our customers that if they have a potentially problematic Section 278 scheme to complete, Field And Civil Engineering will be the first name on their tender list.

On every Section 278 project we are asked to complete, we offer a fully inclusive package. Usually on this type of project numerous sub-contractors will be required to be programmed to work in conjunction with our own labour force. These usually involve the service providers (water, gas, electric, BT etc.), traffic management contractors, traffic light installers, lighting contractors, anti-skid and carriageway marking contractors. Also with this type of work we usually, prior to the project commencing, have meetings and correspondence with the Local Authority to discuss their traffic management requirements and agree on the schemes traffic management plan.

Field And Civil Engineering, whilst acting as the schemes Principle Contractor, will engage and programme all the different companies as necessary and organise them to complete all the works safely to an agreed date.

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