Surface water drainage solution for Strata’s new housing development

Eckington, Carlow Tank


In January 2018, after completing similar work in a more rural setting for Strata Homes, FACE came in as Strata’s preferred civil engineering company to provide road engineering work in the form of Section 278, and more specifically, to provide a solution for surface water drainage. This required the installation of a precast concrete storage tank.

Although development on the overall site commenced back in September 2017, the primary focus for this phase was the surface water drainage system. FACE began working on this in January 2018, advising a programme of approximately 7 weeks to complete the work.

To provide the best solution for surface water drainage on this development, FACE worked closely with Carlow Concrete to provide prefabricated flood alleviation and stormwater attenuation tanks. FACE have a strong working relationship with Carlow Concrete and they are accustomed to working well with our own company.

The Carlow tank was designed to meet the specific requirements outlined by FACE, after specialists concluded a period of environmental consulting with Strata. The water drainage system needed to both meet the demands of a new housing development and satisfy the mandatory sustainable urban drainage requirements (SUDS).

Preparing the site for drainage works and completing the installation

To facilitate the initial stages of installation, over 2,000 m3 of spoil needed to be excavated and a level stone foundation placed. This process took 2 weeks to complete.

It took a total of 6 days to install the tank components and required the use of a 150 tonne mobile crane, with each component ranging between 2 and 6.4 tonnes in weight.

Once placed, a 36 metre concrete pump was used to pour the 245m3 of concrete required to construct the floor, connecting walls and the roof of the structure. The concrete was then left to cure for 7 days, before the tank was backfilled in layers around the sides and over the top.

The completed tank measured 45 metres in length, 10 metres in width, and 2 metres in height, with access shafts on each corner levelled out with backfill to meet ground level.

The tank installation from start to finish took Field and Civil Engineering 17 days to complete.

Embracing technology to survey works and positioning

Using technology is a key part of how FACE operate as one of the UK’s top civil engineering companies, and to help with the initial stages of our flood risk assessment, we employed the use of drones fitted with high definition cameras.

This gave us a unique view of the site and allowed us to survey the precise positioning of the Carlow Tank, and to monitor work progress from an aerial position.

Final inspections

Once all work had been completed, FACE arranged for North East Derbyshire Water Authority to inspect the new water drainage system.

FACE’s contribution to the new housing development by Strata Homes was completed within programme and under budget. In total the engineering work took 7 weeks and was finalised in February of 2018. The main development is scheduled to complete in May 2018. For video drone footage of the project click here.

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