Surface water drainage solution for Strata’s new housing development

Odsal, Oakstone Construction

Back in late 2017, FACE re-partnered with Oakstone Construction, a company with three decades experience building restaurants and stores. Having worked with Oakstone to provide entrance ways before, our role at FACE was to facilitate two section 278 entrance works for a new KFC restaurant.

Based within the town of Odsal, the new development is just 2.5 miles away from Bradford City Centre. A prime location for commuters traveling in and out of the city by vehicle.

Due to the proximity of this major traffic route, FACE issued a letter to the area about one week before work was due to commence. This was to advise of potential disruption near the new restaurant, and the actions FACE would be taking to minimise the impact to commuters and residents.

Assessing the site

Our first task was to assess the existing entrance works and if they could be salvaged in any way.

Unfortunately, the condition of the road was found to be questionable, with each entrance showing general neglect. Both needed to be completely replaced.

Due to the surrounding traffic conditions, traffic barriers and temporary footpaths would be required for safety, along with traffic calming measures to keep disruption to a minimum.

Creating new section 278 entrance works

The work was carried out in two phases, one to accommodate for each new entrance.

FACE commenced phase one on the 27th of November 2017, the Odsal Road entrance.

Our team removed the damaged road before a new foundation was added and compacted. The entrance was then re-surfaced and tarmacked, with appropriate drainage also in place.

In addition to the vehicle entrance, an accompanying pedestrian walkway was also required.

Tactile paving was added to the walkway for the visually impaired, as well as a dropped curb to ensure the new entrance complied with current disability legislation.

Phase two dealt with the entrance on Halifax Road. This was slightly more complex owing to additional restrictions due to traffic sensitivity, and the presence of fibreoptic cables.

FACE engaged with the relevant cable providers to request that their own engineers lower the cables, causing a small but unavoidable delay. Once completed work resumed as scheduled.

Due to the traffic sensitive nature of Halifax Road, a traffic management solution was implemented, along with reduced working hours between 09:30 and 15:30, Monday to Friday only.

For safety FACE implemented a lane closure to slow the natural traffic flow. In addition, the existing footpath was also closed, and a temporary walk way was added to the closed lane.

A new island was also added to the central reservation, opposite the Halifax entrance; preventing vehicles from cutting across the carriageway, enforcing correct use of the roundabout.

The final step was the application of new road and safety markings. New illuminated signage was also added to each entrance.

Final inspections

Work commenced on 27th of November and was completed for phase one on the 8th of December 2017. Phase two commenced on the 29th of May and was completed by the 8th of June 2018.

FACE arranged for Bradford City Council to inspect both entrance’s and associated pedestrian walkways, signing off the work on both counts.

The restaurant was completed within programme and on budget. In total the engineering work for both entrance ways took 24 days, excluding the delay between phase one and phase two.

The main development has now been completed, and the restaurant is open for business.

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