Road and Sewer Solutions for Housing Development Strata Homes

High St Linton, Strata Homes

Back in September 2016, FACE was contracted by Strata Homes to work on a new housing development. Just five miles southeast of Burton on Trent and only 3.1 miles from Swadlincote, the housing development is based in a beautiful rural setting within the quaint village of Linton.

This development would be the first to showcase Strata’s new Ambience range of homes, which have been designed exclusively to be in keeping with a more rural setting.

Already having first-hand experience working with Strata, FACE were committed to delivering all the required infrastructure. However, due to the sale of 25 homes off-plan, construction would need to be completed in a single visit, to help maintain Strata’s tight development schedule.

Project requirements for rural housing development

A full road network and new sewer infrastructure were required for all plots on site. Offering a full turnkey solution to Strata, FACE would complete all work in-house, arrange for relevant local authority permissions, and complete any final inspections on Strata’s behalf.

Work commenced immediately on the new road network, after obtaining all necessary permissions for new roads and footpaths as part of a new housing development. This also coincided with the creation of the new sewer system. This allowed FACE to progress efficiently and with minimal disruption to Strata. No issues were encountered during the construction of the new road layout.

The site required a new 150 mm diameter foul sewer to be laid, at a depth of between 3-5 metres with the associated pumping station being deeper at approximately 7.5 metres. This is not unusual for new housing developments such as Strata Homes.

To complete the drainage system the properties required a drainage connection and associated domestic manholes to connect to the private drains. The completed foul sewer was then connected to the existing foul system in the High Street.

Installation challenges on site

The installation of a full surface water and drainage solution proved to be a slightly more complex task due to the rural setting. To overcome this, Strata split the surface water drainage to outfall into two separate balancing ponds, installed by FACE.

To control the movement of water being collected, a flow control chamber was installed to limit the overall flow of water into the existing ditch located around the site perimeter and both balancing ponds. This was to ensure any excess storm water during a flash flood was stored before being released at an acceptable rate into the existing ditch network.

All road gullies were connected to the new sewer system and then the ducts of varying sizes laid. This provided the required crossing points at key locations and gave access to the new site services.

Final inspections to the new infrastructure

Once all work had been completed, FACE arranged for Severn Trent Water Authority to inspect the new infrastructure. The new road network was also inspected and signed off by Derbyshire Highways.

FACE’s contribution to the new housing development by Strata Homes was completed on schedule and within budget. In total the engineering work took 9 months and was finalised in May of 2017.

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