Highway engineering project to improve road junction in Harrogate

Harrogate, Miller Homes

Miller Homes approached Field and Civil Engineering Ltd to carry out a highway improvement scheme to a busy road junction in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Highway design is a critical component in the creation of an effective road network, and F.A.C.E were tasked with delivering the essential design and infrastructure to improve traffic flow to this busy area.

Engineering requirements for the improved road junction

The project included the requirement of new kerb lines, highway and footpath resurfacing, as well as the installation of 4-way traffic signals with the associated cable ducting. This would improve the quality of footpaths and road surfaces, whilst offering maximum traffic control for pedestrians crossing at such a busy intersection.

Effective highway design is based upon an accurate knowledge of the properties of the materials used and the design loadings; FACE were required to use their well-researched engineering principles to assess the suitability of the existing infrastructure, taking into account the interaction with the existing ground and the environment. With their years of experience, they were able to create the most practical, long-term solution for Miller Homes.

Highway improvement schemes and common challenges

For highway improvement schemes, the most significant challenge is managing the project whilst ensuring interference to day-to-day operations was kept to a minimum, particularly with the implementation of 4-way traffic signals. The work was therefore split into four smaller phases to minimise daytime disruption, whilst a large proportion of work was carried out over several nights. These night closures were also necessary for the final highway surfacing.

A further challenge for Field and Civil Engineering Ltd was that working areas were restricted due to maintaining pedestrian access at all times. This meant that optimum employee co-operation and professionalism was required to ensure work was continuously carried out to a high standard, regardless of the comprised space.

Results of the improved road junction in Harrogate

Field And Civil Engineering Ltd have provided Miller Homes with a professional and competent service in carrying out the required work to bring the roads to adoptable standards. The new roads now ensure better safety and accessibility for both pedestrians and vehicles in the area.  In particular, F.A.C.E were highly praised for minimising disruption for motorists, residents and local businesses whilst completing the work in good time.

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