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Driveway drainage solutions for housing developments September 28th 2018, by Ian Lishman

The drainage plan for every development site is unique, being based on a variety of factors including the balance of hard and soft landscaping.

Car parking outside homes is an important amenity to buyers. As a result, various techniques have been developed to drain driveways in a way that mitigates their impact, as well as the lack of garden area at the front of properties on most sites.

The sooner that water can be drained from hard landscaping, the sooner it can enter the site’s sustainable drainage system and be controlled to help manage water flow and reduce flood risk. In most cases, this means directing it into drainage design features like land drains and soakaways, and then either into the rest of the drainage system, or returning it to the ground or into a natural watercourse.

How are driveways drained?

One of the simplest products for providing effective drainage is the channel drain. Positioned at the lowest point of the hardstanding, it quickly directs water off the driveway without flowing onto roads and pavements first.

Depending on the falls on the plot generally, it’s also common to see a channel drain positioned in front of a garage, where the level threshold would otherwise risk water ingress under the garage door.

Permeable paving materials are fast becoming the norm. A traditional gravel driveway is naturally permeable, but not a practical solution on housing developments with a large number of plots and where gravel could end up scattered all over the site!

Block paving designed to provide a permeable surface finish is virtually indistinguishable from impermeable paving systems. They come in a similar range of colours and styles, offering flexibility in specification while achieving the sustainable drainage targets required to obtain planning permission.

When specifying any combination of these driveway solutions, it pays to work with an experienced drainage contractor who will install them correctly and deliver the intended drainage solution in reality.

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