Building control inspection for groundworks – what should I know? September 19th 2018, by Ian Lishman

The schedule for Building Control inspections includes numerous stages during the groundworks. This is hardly surprising because, once elements like drainage and foundations have been covered over, inspecting them for the purposes of sign-off and approval is impossible without severe disruption.

It’s important, therefore, to make sure that inspections are properly planned into the project timeline and requested with sufficient notice for the Building Control Officer to attend site without either holding up work, or rushing ahead with work that has to be taken up again.

This delicate balancing act is another argument in favour of selecting a complete groundworks package from a single contractor, meaning the developer isn’t faced with coordinating a number of sub-contractors who are working to their own schedules and interests.

A single contractor also has a better understanding of all of the work carried out, compared to multiple contractors interested only in their part.

A typical inspection schedule for a Building Control Body during groundworks is:

● At commencement of works.
● After excavation for foundations.
● Preparation of oversite.
● Damp proof course.
● Laying of drains.
Testing of drains.

On projects where an insurance body is providing a warranty, additional or supplementary inspections may need to be factored in to the project planning.

Depending on the type of building and the scale of the project, additional general construction inspections may be scheduled with the Building Control Body. A service level agreement may be put in place, and working with a single contractor allows a rapport to develop between those undertaking the works and those inspecting them.

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